WHOLE BEAST RAG has officially closed shop. 12.01.13


WHOLE BEAST RAG was born out of many reasons, but mainly necessity. In the course of two years what started as a brash, bright-eyed mission to publish cool erotic shit has evolved into a strange, beautiful, and rebellious publication and project label that has connected a global readership of artists and thinkers on the creative frontier.

WHOLE BEAST RAG has always been a project born of a need to define ourselves and our actions in a fracturing world. We knew a trajectory existed that hadn’t been done yet. Our brilliant audience is testament to what we wanted to see happen in the world. We are awed by what you’ve shared with us.

Sometimes the situation needs to evolve. You can’t pay your phone bill in good vibes. WHOLE BEAST RAG is done because it’s time to do something else for awhile. Keep an ear to the ground and stay tuned for new projects from the minds behind the mag. In the meantime – keep fertilizing your brain.

We’ll miss you. We love you. We’re proud of you and of ourselves. Adios.