Young American Actress

Dracula teeth,

Young American Actress

2/4’s Ginseng and red bull
splashed blackberry vodka

Yeezy Taught Me

[Verse 1: Fierce]
because God is a Texan woman
ex-leader of a Holy Trinity
inductee of The Oxford English Dictionary


Sara’s dog spent most of his time in yards. Yards are rectangles of grass that people send you out to pee in.

Worldwide Enema

I attempt to pull the mammoth tusk from my mother’s new lover.
It’s a symbol polishing the blunt-force indifference cannibalism fuses.
In place of terminology, there’s sports equipment...

Wooden Lady

Article 2

Wing’d Partyboy

danceparty by the breath
along my cheeks. by the broken bottles in the
stoop-way light. shards at our feet.
our shoes gather momentum as we enter

Why Flannery O’Connor Never Found a Good Casaba Melon in Milledgeville, Georgia

A brief history:
The penis dates back to 2400 B.C., originally a member of the royal Muskmelon and Gourd family. The first penis was found on a vine in...

Where Nothing Is

It is the summer of Gore’s film.
This heat was brought to you by greed.
In a Sargasso Sea between errands,
you confront the superior might

When the Fly Flew Into My Cut Hair

When the fly flew into my cut hair I greeted it
And when I saw my cut hair on the floor I greeted it
And when I saw...

What I’m Doing Later

This is my wife
a Japanese wood saw
it’s called a dozuki.
It reminds me of our nights
on the park bench, playing the bozuki.

West of the Hellespont

Stay awake, listen carefully boy,
this is important.
The day is for sleeping,
but before the sun goes down
make sure you’ve gathered enough wood.

We Bought a Little Plague

Terrible moans
In the solarium
Bring the property value down.

War Everyday

Turnkey whistling dark nights fat.
The mysteries of meat explained at 8
And the death of the middle lass.
Managing hope is a confidence trick.

Waiting for the Train

I am watching falling leaves disentegrating into black bile beneath my feet
tiny horde of black bile people breathing out hate spores
into the world and watching...


Alive in the ghost
Park, I am this
Darkness. The horizon
Is a boil of halved
Strawberries shining
& illness stitches me
To the...

USA #1

“Whoa, son. Now just where do you think you’re going, boy?” —Cop
“Caalliffoorrnniaa” —Jimmy—The Wizard, 1989


eat my bones.


On a mission to the center of a planet I lost protection.
I came up empty.
I wanted to play just the tip,
instead stretched ozone to...

Triangle Shirtwaist

Women who escaped for a promise. One even gave Vesuvius the slip.

Travels Through a Disorder

The yellow curtain swings with the wind,
an elongated egg yolk dancing beside me.
I lay on the couch,
my ribs sticking out like fork tines

Travelogue, Kind Of


Toward a Theory of the Virgin’s Physical Body

in thinking
about snakes
I see her
legs glazed
in sweat & the beige
of taut rubber bands
she curves
in two directions

Tongues (Happy Clouds)

When this poem makes me famous & richer than poet
rich, I will buy a bigger cock. I will buy a bigger
for my bigger cock....

This Epoch’s Zeitgeist

Neo-Cliché-Hipsters form neo-sermons to exhibit righteous progress
in a context of this epoch’s zeitgeist. Lemon juice dissolved in
distilled mineral water a reasonable drug to carry this mentation


Can never be certain
what she’s feeling

The Uterus Monologues

Knock Knock.

The Strong Center of Abstraction

In states of semantic overdrive, visages of abstracted freedom cross
in the night, heretically. At the summit of neo-aesthetics and visual fields,
hopeful mind-states ascend according to debunked...

The Story of Isaac

Under that stone knife
my choice was clear:
Either try to escape
or believe.
The rest is history

The Relationship Between Nouns and Verbs

The mind balks and the mind breaks.
The mind talks and stutters, mutters melodious nonsense before it sleeps.

The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is pregnant again. The umbilical cord is black rubber. Attached to the bellybutton of the wall. She vents hard from 17 nostrils. Her womb has a door handle...

The Piercing

There’s a place
For the numb
Who flock
Like lusty mosquitoes
To flickering neon signs
And grimy store windows.

The Ones in the Hotel Drawer

Just pluck the feathers from my shoulder blades.
Lightness. Noise chopped into moans.
There are ghosts everywhere & if you catch
them in the right light, they...

The Occupation

Melanie gradually became fearful that she, her Self, was being occupied, slowly taken over by a silent army of strange and worrisome thoughts, unintelligible obligations. Hesitantly mentioning this to her...

The Mesmerist

let these words
be a battering ram
through the stargate
into a new field of vision
to flummox the energy
field deception wave,

The Man with the Golden Cock

make love
the way the lamp-lit-lot glowed on just my car
her hand against the window
i made money selling workout equipment: thigh...

The Gold Rush

1. WOOL: Plane Tree Forum

The Empty Well

A single neuron in my brain is going Ha-Ha,
like a hungry beast that dwells in the well.
And all of these things shouldn’t happen if:

The Dwarf

I ate an apple, and it protested,
little worm devoured my insides.
I ate an apple, two strong bites,
and it came through me twice.

The Doctor’s Urn

Nose-prints on pages out,
pistol smoke admixed
with bloodied background.
Evidence of university
purchases seem discarded
while asleep. Petrified eyes,
inside day-sight that cannot

The Commodore

“But O heart! heart! heart!”
—Walt Whitman_

The Circulator Beam

Forgotten breed of man, a lone wolf with a broken paw. I, the alien man, consume the illusion. The new desire, the new negative sublimation. Crystal core rock skull.

The Carnivore and the Vegetarian

He is still at work. She is at home stalking the narrow light of their kitchen. She closes her eyes. When her feet stop moving it will be...

The Bounding Main of Your Mind

Your feelings lie down on a moth-worn blanket
like a farm dog.

The Adult Season

A Parkour court in Leicester
will reduce antisocial behavior
among young men.
The flabby third acts of American lives,
a cotillion of bloat, poor motility,

The Abortion

my vaginal walls are non-
heavily rubbed with butter
the bladder a silver blade
gyrates my baby in the bread machine
her legs whip...

Testing the Bloody Mary Bathroom Legend


Tel – Aviv – Jafo

the sliced half-lemon in hand
kitchen greetings
happy birthday Solomon
sea breeze in nostrils
fresh rinds spruce up the trash
smell of city streets


I don’t immediately notice: they’re
not playing their, so to speak, music.
I’ve been thinking a long time
(“staring into space,” they call it),


to the luck of any god
dressed in nothing but the sheet
you have slept your entire life
then go down as no good
into the...

Stump Flap

My bacon egg disease
Unmade organs carved from soap.
A swan into hello folds
My last white creases into silence.
Trout kraut the ho-hum!

So Turn This Motherfucker Up Only If It Feels Right

for Clay B.

So. Cal. Meditation #2

Set loose in a carbon rich environment. It seemed we were free. Except for impromptu odes to the emperor. Porcelain statuettes of oligarchs unpacked from the transient’s van hung with...

So. Cal. Meditation #1

Stagnant valley air. Like slurping down a fever. Ones rolled up in the Ben Franklin. Stone-cold hand over transactional heart, the ray-bans solidify the image. I keep snatching coin shadows...

Smoke M If You Got M

my eternal sister
my profound cancer

Smell the Dusk

ask the porous, perforated skin
of a fig tree:
what dance?
we swim in contested waters
a musky border lake
where the eggs we carry

Small Revenge

I don’t care about the metrics, the iambus
and the rhymes—I have read the classics and then
I’ve put them back on their dusty shelves:
we write...


A fact of summer:
it slips into autumn, sags a bit.
This was the hottest July
on record, a good excuse
to sit indoors, read books,


An orphan from Canada, she can live, like me, only where the sky
is always gray, and the leaves hang windless in the yard.
The angled walls of...


A girl shaped like a bear. A bear-shaped girl.
A girl inside the maw of a bear. A girl with a breath like a roar.
A roar beneath...

Sex with Coltrane

Are the children opening mouths like hungry saxophones
Clamoring for bread from my bread music?
This exhale of ours bellows in and out
And does not look...

Seven Wonders

A resolute man, in his hunger for wonder,
goes searching for the next best thing.
The first Seven Wonders are inconsolable.
Their time is done.

Sestina for Mothers

They will grab your tiny fists, but find nothing.
You’ve dreamt of darkness once before, girls
Bathing in the shallow water of your sea,
The sea of...

Seeding 2.


Seeding 1.


Searching the Wreckage

You chose to be
what you chose to be,
and I chose to be
who I was.

Saying Djinn

All my girlfriends have the names of dead children.
Placentas for eyelashes, tricycles for tits.
An Evian bottle filled with blood
Completes our crystal dome of air.

Rubber Tomahawks

Whilst the literary control mongers ‘alouette’ to hopeful derivatives of ‘art freedom’, we’ve Xeroxed a certain field-guide aesthetic, and defend it now with our rubber tomahawks. We proceed angle-find America...


What to do about this creature?
break the window?
smash the mirror?
howl like a beast at the sight?
creaking door open,


When you wake up sour cow heavy
and needing something creamy,
your cold limbs limp and stinging,
you tangle dreams with sleep and sheets
and you’re...

Red Scarf Over My Eyes

This way for kings and madness,
This way growing-cold light
pointing its sharp finger how it pleases–
Demanding obedience like a stage.


All mannerisms drift up to the Himalayas
Look! there goes solitude hand in hand with
fickle, vanity on her back suckling one
disembodied erect nipple: brown sun-bleached...


The night terrors are bulls running beneath a sagging balcony
held together by paint chips and dead termites.
I huddle, balled up against the chipping brick, squealing


write from the perspective of a column on a spreadsheet
write from the perspective of a column on a spreadsheet that rebels right out of your computer to

Prenatal Yoga

I. Savasana | Corpse Pose
Bulbed women glisten.
Sweet balloons, static cling,
to the center. We haven’t realized
how malleable we can be.
There is...

Preface to Shedding

The worst thing girl-thing can do. Withhold her. Then wash out all the little hims in brownbath. Girl peacock has tail so long and proud of don’t touch. So many...

Portrait of a Successful Girl

Independent when fed,
call the shots,
pull your own weight.

Plutonian Nyborg

rough raggedy punches
to my smooth somewhat sexy face
that fucker
that face fucker

Pilgrim Walk

Curious, how an exhibition leads to a barren violence. Wombs turn violet with yesterday. Hands walk with the enormity of god. With ease, my tongue shocks with the first breath....


Sara woke up with a dry mouth full of seeds. She sputtered and wheezed upon waking, spitting them onto her pillow. Sara’s dog ate a few of the seeds. She...

Penal Poets Colony

The seagull-celebrated sea forever going back over the shape of things to come. From the landed ferry athletic poets in striped uniforms unload a string of empty coffins.

Peeper’s Sorority

The woman’s voice gleams with oddly translated survivor guilt.
In her arms I’m breath held in.
I’m many bipolar suckers pulling the trailer park of a lung.

Parable of Hands

Where his fingers grasped mine,
where his wrist curled sideways,

Othello Wolf

america; americultus; americate : : dubiously masturbate.
::: gold flaked bodies.
blackbirdian danceparty::: i’ll go.
washed up beach bottles and all our feet amongst them ::: curling...


Hi are you again
gallanting psycho

Ordinary Woman

I threaten my cat
with the world of
men and dogs

Or Whatever Makes You Feel Radiant!

[Show off your one-of-a-kind-style
            when I realized I was all alone I got bigger
by embellishing a wide strip of fabric
            in secret and found and opened...

One Minute Friends

after Days of Being Wild (d. Wong Kar-wai, 1990)

On Heat and the Forecast of Mistakes to Repeat

Summer is cold spread thin, stretched taut
over land and water, unbreakable. She says,

NPC Won’t Hypnotize Me

Wise move, NPC, truculent
twitch beyond screen. I slow-open
shade drawn windows and breathe in the dog shit.
This is progress, the zone,
itemized the soft...

Not a Prayer

Yes I love Jesus you stupid cunt
if I say words like stupid cunt
cuz he said, “go forth to the Haight
and hand out needles to

No Reason at All

Out amidst the orchard of choice, we dabble in requiems and font
styles. We concentrate our thoughts until they become
aluminum charms in semantic worlds, word-worlds

No One Wears Jackets Here

You don’t use the fancy soaps near the ornate faucet


I slip on my silk tunic,
go out into the yard to gather in
the evening harvest
my head is fittingly light
for this task

New World Nomenclature

Today we see as we understand, the elbow patches of medium orchid corduroy, sewn to the elbows of the Universe—and neo-cliché hipters (who meditate on thistle) drag the haunting tense,...

Nava to Nectareo

A plain or a level piece of ground. Clasp-knife. Folding-knife. Tusk of a wild boar. A thrust or gash with a knife. A shaving towel. Razor. Pool. A level piece...

Molten Sky

Toasters melt to the swelty-swelter.
Bolts and dinosaurs and sky all goop together
into liquid faces that touch the Sun.
That roadway heat and breeze; that tone.

Molecular Welt

After breaking my daytime fast, I’m where the bombing judges gay people,
Where there’s time to form what I’ve eaten into phalluses commemorating love.
And my soul says:...

Mok Panther’s Sex Drive…Engines of Desire…Pneumatic Nothings in the Night

It was a ramshackle manse full of party debris and cat scents. These were the origins of Mok Panther.


We’re sorry you do not have permission to access this resource if it even exists.
Please use your browser’s back but on to return to the page you were...

Metal Detector

There were bells. They said “This way, Ma’am.” They took her by the elbow. They wore white gloves.
Everyone in line looked at one another. Then stared at their...

Mermaid Theory

perfection lies pollute minds
dietary slip eats up insides
skip meals
trip heels
hike up that skirt
they’ll kneel
they’ll kneel
know your...

Memo Pad Hands

wrote you a note on the back of your hand
oh gentle gentle memo pad hands
my dream
circle be my circle come around and around with...


Wanders the high plains of
Human history

Man Proof

Color is in the air between us. Call it Spiritus Mundi
or the collective unconscious, it is the teal and salmon
of the upholstered headboard, the ivory of...

Man Can(not) Be


Lust, IV

after Aubrey Graham

Lunch Lines

shiver and buzz
all about my skin
hum of the noon hour
at the falafel shop
I sit and try to peel my worry

Love Makes a Monster

Be delighted by this blaze.
While today had a touch
of yellow gladness, there
was much shallower gloom.
Day plucked from night
breathed all over...

Lot’s Wife

Lucinda ponders on the number sixteen as she turns to look one last time at her home. Up ahead her husband, household staff, in-laws, cousins, and a band of sixteen...


Time is like basil. It will ease the sting of the

Last Summer’s Grecian Coverup

“You would have really liked it,
What happened to us last night.”

Key Change

god’s not the only one
who invited us to party


Chapter 1
Nancy meets her robot.

Jesus is a Faggot and I Invented Tupperware


Jesus Died in a Snowstorm + Other Miracles

Jesus died in a snowstorm. It was exactly like that one movie
with the snowstorm where people died blanketed in clean cold.
Jesus died while downloading the Spotify...


being a jerk is what I am best at,
no lessons needed,
naturally a son of a bitch.
now all my toys are broken,
and all...

It’s Useless Now

The future happened yesterday,
I sat and thought about the new myths
As proposed by Sir Mixalot.
I thought, “I don’t have any clothes.”
I thought,...

It’s Been So Long I’m Forgetting People

God’s always having us touch our own rib,
then trying to make us ashamed for it.
I keep the forgotten pretty in my mind.
If they ever...

It Is Time

I made a promise! I stop hating myself. Yes!
Anyways, that’s God’s job and of his forsaken
children. Why I got this thumb? For holding
the knife...

It's Honey Boo Boo Night in America

Pour yourself a tall glass of Windex and
let’s pregame on lawn furniture on the roof
watching RNC coverage on a rabbit ear extension cord pumpkin patch TV...

Interim Champion

yeah everything smells like a college town. USA some. the pizza counter corners. the staple gun trees of ripped muscle fliers the lines of which are traced in black like...

Instructions for Recovering a Celebrity Sex Tape

Let Bret Michaels slip a third finger between your
teeth and gums. Months later, make U-




A harvest of words
has brought us here.
their skins fizzing with scabs
that ooze,
the words swamp the air around us.

In Which You Consider Going to the Grocery Store

Noon has fallen into recline
Like a lazy metropolis
Upon boughs and crumbling moss-coated roofs.
Its yawn simmers in your chest.
Oh how will you cook...

If re-reading Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira During a Storm


I Was a Washington General

If you decide to sit at home thinking about the episode of True Life where the guy gets calf implants—

I Thought I Had Post-Chicana Blues Because Chicana Wasn’t Enough


I Am Furred at Night

When my eyes turned black at night
and my breath ceased to haunt the midnight air
I knew that my long feet were soon to thump

Hunger of Bees

A steeple fingers a darkening sky as no thoughts of
Jesus hover halfway between a mourning dove calling
in soft tones from the power line and a boy...

How to Fight Hunger

yelling yelling yelling yelling yelling yelling


No home hides that snake,
Crawling up to my finger.
He is not wel -bred.
He limps through black waters,
He licks all the poisonous plants.


By seared wheeze
You promised
Dampness to creep
Lungs to breathe
Such a mystery
Love, life, the remains
Of you

Hit the Bricks

Black tie fractal
Raising big blood
Money pudding.

Hips Don’t Lie But I Do

You’re hard to find as hen’s teeth. I
give chase, bark like a fucking squirrel.
Faceless in the half light, half-cocked. Tell me
more, yes, phalanges please....

Heterotroph's First Hand-Job

i celebrate my successes with pancake breakfast.
and i light off fireworks in my driveway; in my kitchen; in my car; beside the river;
in my living room...


Foreign ammo in the Jell-O mold,
A bloody bandage for a head.
You’re in America, now,
Brown speckling near the crown buds
And phosphate runoff ditch

Hell Poem

I birth alcohol.
I birth birth & try to give it back.
I birth stillborns, don’t even ask why.
I birth Prozac so you can be just...

Headcheese Jelly

A butcher walks home down Petunia Street holding a captive bolt pistol and a yellow umbrella. In his pocket, a recipe for headcheese jelly: Boil the head of a pig...


Cricket song helps
The dead become
Being dead.
There are
Baby faces
In the turned-
Up dirt. The
Leeching wear

Hard Tokens Plink

cold like quarters in the seed
how apples make friends
with what they fall into—hand or land

Grammarian Sticklers

to life’s highest questions we’re ‘guesslers’, though we delight in the rapture associated with
‘trying’. the neo-cliché hipsters sew their cliché elbow patches to the universe, all day long,...


Let me handle this.


Yea im the real fine gfunk


All morning staring at the falcon perched on a leather glove.
Deliberate repositioning. Talons like muted shotgun triggers
in crisp Chicago winter. The Golden Nugget challenges

God Creates Alcoholism

Spilled brandy was seeping through
the cloud-colored carpeting and I didn’t

From the Soft Destruction

Quality of light is different in Magic Town.


we rode the wind,

Four Questions in a Prose Poem

When we die, will we spawn the metaphysical to infinity?
Will we return unto our homes as salmon, or choose
the right words when it matters? Will our...

Four Nocturnes

The murderer is beautiful, and with a deep-sea ugliness.
Our hunting fire howls on the plateau framed in an office.
The man is a chair sat in by...

Food Chains and Factory Landscaping

I self-medicated for 10 minutes
on the floor, waiting for a reason
to tell you that I grew up listening
like a material girl, like an empty

Fits Like a Glove the Vision of Evil Bad

I mean the death drive that lurks
Malibu all over
Puts in full sway the palms of love.

First Words

When my body came out of my mother,
she pushed; I pushed; flesh tore.
It was no neat cut—tissue tangled purple
and later, even stitches would not...

Fem Tex(t): Pop Quiz

Part I. Read the following passages and select (encircle, mark out, claim, capture) the most appropriate word to fill in the blank:


I’ve come to believe there is no god, just a balance
of sorts: each bad thing weighted against a good.
In this sense, the ancient Egyptians had it...

Exploded Awake

Metal walls hungry for ankles emerge from hibernation at the start of terrorism season.
Weirdly for the year we’re in, the parts of me in bomb dust are invisible...

Essay on My Tower

The abject has only one quality of the object—that of being opposed by it. —Julie Kristeva, Powers of Horror

Essay on Increase

The time of increase does not endure. —I Ching

Electric Bath

The chicks are chirping. The doctor spreads me wide and shines his incubator light. He twists my clitoris doorknob. My vagina swings open like a battery cage. Straw, yolk and...

Dry Tortuga, 1869

shapeshifter, son drunk
& changing skins.
he digs up skeletons of a spanish battalion
by tigers on the garden key.


Why do we revisit tragedy with tears,
Not from pain, but of humility
In the presence of unfathomable beauty?
What is it in our nature that draws...

Disco Balls and Semantics

While we concede that disco balls have hundreds of facets (there is
no standard) the great semantic conundrum has a panoply of facets
that makes physics look like...

Design with Almost Roses

the cells die unrecorded
around the stress you put on a name


A body falls out from the sky
its arms are boneless, squiggling
its eyes are snow globes
it’s wearing a tie and is foaming at the mouth


The first fuck is the deepest
The first fuck is the best fuck
The hole room breaks & falls
the objects break away and fall

Deep in the Swirl

borne into the blood
by some elusive capillary
this churning ache for
all ribbons unbridled
for a serenade to the skin
let the bottle be...

Decision to Sing

Right here between four walls window brown tree, no sympathy. Unremitting thirst. Think. Do go through step, bread milk gas car party child, real gold is. Listen. Baby intact. Steep...

Decision 1980

Anarchy the anarchists to the heart of queen amerika. OK the k in there, gender-queer cowboys dancing on the national, drunk-driving into rivers split history in pieces. Red star by...

Decision 1952

The secret garden that hides the fact we are all going to die. Go on the road to headlight purgatory. These are the days you can still get lost, still...

Decision 1920

Suffragette cities filled with handsome devils flapping on windows jazz diamond dinners pearly fleet feeling foxing trot wisdom — we golden for gatsbys and green-flashing emeralds, crank autos call hardening...

Decision 1904

Strange how I feel your heat in my sleep, all our comings and goings in dreams of fair-haired ballrooms, crossed wire dancing on teddy bear-skinned pins, headed up hills charging...

Decision 1896

Oceans cross and rip open spread-legged centuries, anarchist bullets in back channel mutilations. Sin is sin as concept, art of sine mirror cosine, false agreement, mathematical minds, aggrandize tangential reckoning....

Decision 1856

When you can’t be who you are who are you? Can’t prevent what is coming, can’t sell it all under the rug to lunar colonies. Sleep forever while clouds burst...

Decision 1820

Each of the avenues I walk down rebuilds a foundational future of headdress consortiums on the run from some brand of heartache. I want to feel how their beats touch...

Decision 1808

Eyes follow movements from here to there, exploratory committees on short leashes flat-landing to the end of the rainbow. Multi-cultural refraction flows, slips, dances in and out of riverbeds panning...

Decision 1800

My love is torn between co-equal branches and strong executive. My love separates church and state and throws the ring into the river, watches it ride the current and catches...

Decision 1788

Ratify wooden teeth and ruling class college. The skulls and bones first exhumed, no time for flesh red delivery, spongy thoughts or cloud computing. Our hero cannot tell a lie...

Dad Capsule

  Such curated remains


Dung funk at the motorway
Times the massed ranking
Squelch palpable and sucked
In repetitive roar.
What a sad density.
What a redundant day

Cut Star

The mass of love density is a cut star / fleeing / heart condition / heat stroke / missing things for all time of this / personal exchange over /...

Crawl Back After

Arms pinned back, he barely spoke
to those knuckles but they answered, just ask
the split incisor, his cracked rabbit tooth—
now, when he flosses he saves...


I still worship at the feet of corn planters,
not horse traders, but the ones that feed those equines oats,
and the chicken counters, traipsing the dusty corral,

Constant Elegy

In the reviews, they spoke of how the words “evoked space,”
and how the imagery “lit up the sky” with an “axe of
It was spoken...

Collateral Damages

PowerPoint on sucking death,
Amputee vets dig slow crawl


Sara’s dog spent four years living in a cloud that was on fire. He rented it for cheap, because it was on fire. The landlord was a terrible, boring jazz...

Cleopatra’s Poison

The stroke of death is as a lover’s pinch, which hurts, and is desired. —Cleopatra


What had happened? One moment
the upper-under and lower-working
classes, vast, tattooed,
eyes averted,
randomly pugnacious,
or both, were roaming
that restroom of a...


They looked like black leaves
congealed on pavement, or blood—
the way they pooled—glistening, opaque;
and the magpie—
nearly alone, towering over the wreckage

Chomp Channel

Am I too perhaps recipient of some chomp channel
when I close my eyes, roll back, let the dreams
roll in. Splayed or flayed. Choose your words

Catacomb Desire

in a marble vessel.
My skin
around him,
in rotted
My heart


Carry the Spirit Forth

Out amongst the ptarmigan, we debunk our attention from everything
else that crosses in the night. Suddenly, the mind goes blurry, and with
shifting abstraction the pixels shift...

Carl + Carl

The Klansman was in the trunk
of my ‘93 Chevy Caprice,
and we weren’t even half way out of Memphis.
It was a great time to hide

Cake Failure

I am heavy as earth with all that could go wrong.
Called my mom, left a message, said I was afraid
of my birthday cake. It...


The body is dangerous.
The body falls on
women and children
like bombs.
The body infects.
The body talks
with thin lips


There is $345,000 worth of termite damage between my thighs. It all started with the Queen. The Queen crawled into my damp, dark place of chronic leaks. The Queen confused...

Biding Time in a Treehouse with Princess Di

I’m living in the rotted tree-
house in the park, collapsing
under a growing pile of leaves
and branches. I’m here to not
tell you that...

Between the Door and Me

You wouldn’t believe it here

Beginner Ghosts

Confetti cannon


Wheat cow tomato pig, Italian cows in anchovy gardens.
“If the anomalous is neither an individual nor a species, then what is it?”
Becoming-wolf, becoming-rabbit, becoming-pizza.


Our cathedral climbed higher than any in France before it fell.

Bang Scanner

Ekelöf is difficultly dead and I am the son of myself.
It is good to talk about old times.
I hear applause there, round the feet of identical...

Autumn Sequence

In the unexpected heat of a late autumn day,
speak aloud all of those things you don’t want.
Call them out by their names. They can’t...

August 1929

“I was their plaything and their idol, and something bet er—their child, the innocent and helpless creature bestowed on them by Heaven, whom to bring up to good, and whose...

Assault Upon the Edifice

passive aggression
permeates folds of
thick winter clothes
surrounding every
inch of tightened skin
while the struggle to be real
has become an impasse

Arrival, The

It loomed ahead—the schism, the break, the seam, the—his eyes swept briefly to the left. She’s back, he said. His hands perspired in gortex gloves; he dialed the air-temp down....

Arachne Spun

Because her father was a dyer,
because her mother was dead

Apoplexy of the Stars

yes in this
black dimension I radiate
DNA in the silver way
a matrix of sword
and sound dissolved in decay
in the underworld the...

Antarctic Expedition, 1912

Once the ship had been crushed by ice,
they knew they would die. Each night,
as they tried to sleep inside tents fashioned
out of tattered sails,...

And Burn Again

When shaking begins
the last gasp resides
in bone marrow
Embrace the burn
as it explodes a vessel
of blood thought
into silicone slivers

America I Cannot Believe

Attention users with rape fantasies:
If it’s legitimate rape according to the far-Right hand face slap obelisk body lexicon you’re all right.
Boys you RNC warlord straw...

AM 7:31

I sit on the edge of the bed. Stare at the dresser. There is something over there that I want.
I get up. Walk there. Open a drawer. Reach...

Always Singular, Never Alone

I quit drinking Cristal Not because it’s prejudiced But because Jay Z says It is intolerant.

Alchemist of Bad Dreams

Asleep when it happened, I lived for the
5D of the equinox, of the three orbs
In space like dark, reverse engineered
Construction paper lining an urn.


A Whale Brain Weighs 19 Pounds, An Octopus Brain is Beyond You

I am a ball of quivers
crashing through my mother’s gore
and slathered in footsteps.
I am a bag of earthquakes
screaming inside of cells

A Triangle of Palm Fronds

A colony of souls
to a murder of crows fighting over coconuts.
Boats waffle blue waves.
Signs say:
Noel Coward fucked in this hotel.

A Pregnancy

A pregnancy is something wished for. A half moon is what one becomes. Tools to use on the journey: thermometer, preferably the sort with an extra decibel; an...

A Good Horse

I’m honored
by this moment
that you’ve shared with me.

A Glacial Age

I have reached
A glacial age
Age of bone and melt
Age of cave and calf
A glacial age of ash.

[Untitled] by Jerimee Bloemeke

I sleep as the noise has stopped beginning
Within the warning on the warning label
Attached to the cord,
Within the shadow of the warning label


pulls bark from an African Plum tree
to scratch a line into a cavewall.
        The exaltation sends him dashing out
charging toward his tribe...

(The Self is a Shield)

The self is a shield. It cannot surround, but only defends one side. One direction. A shadow. The shield is a self. It cannot surround, but defends on all sides....