Young American Actress

by: Michael J. Martin

2/4’s Ginseng and red bull
splashed blackberry vodka

blunt wraps filled w/
crumbled kush,

we are rubberized
seafoam animals,

waterswolled and
crayed out of our minds.

The divo records himself on TiVo
to masturbate to his beauty.

There’s an underground lookbook
floating on a limp whisper,

or something about fresh meat,
Emporium of deerface, I told you

we are exquisitely messed up.
I’ve been liked to death,

called For A Good Time—

I’m sorry the time wasn’t
average my current net worth

exceeds a trip to a German sexroom,
meaning, your [sic]

uncomfortably glad to be here.
Being alive is kind of a reality fuck.