Yeezy Taught Me

by: Sennah Yee

[Verse 1: Fierce]
because God is a Texan woman
ex-leader of a Holy Trinity
inductee of The Oxford English Dictionary

[Verse 2: OED]
bootylicious Pronunciation: /ˌbuːtɪˈlɪʃəs/ adjective
US informal
(of a woman) sexually attractive:
this bootylicious Texan knows what it takes to be a pop diva
1990s: from BOOTY, on the pattern of delicious

number four on Mr. President and the First Lady’s speed-dial
dubbed Her baby after your eyes
and the plant that twines and kills

[Verse 2: Y. Christ]
because God is a black man with a way with words
and His Holy Gatherings manifest through live music
with saintly singers and laser shows from the heavens
auto-tuned hymns, misheard, misread at weekend evening worships
yet these commandments are remembered, repeated nevertheless
dubbed His baby after the very divine direction He is from