Waiting for the Train

by: Jeannette Gomes

I am watching falling leaves disentegrating into black bile beneath my feet
tiny horde of black bile people breathing out hate spores
into the world and watching them pass and fall away
their furling coil around the living and born slowly fall away
their furling fires that were living inside us fall away
take me to the top of the agrocrag
this train is on the surface of the sun
our bodies are sugar glass
we are running express to bryn mawr
all bacchae please exit the train now
you can’t buy alcohol without the wristband
we are falling up and down
we are the surface of the moon
we are learning our bodies are the substance of sound
we are blue and made from blue and rain and accidental grace
we are gorgeous and nothing and falling on our face
this train is on the surface of the sun
perfection beyond the coming breath of understanding
we are the droplets of understanding
we are it’s cycle of creation and death
we are the present in the closet of existence
waiting for the