Tongues (Happy Clouds)

by: Gregory Sherl

When this poem makes me famous & richer than poet
rich, I will buy a bigger cock. I will buy a bigger
for my bigger cock. I will love my bigger framed cock.
On comment cards at resorts I’ll write Six hundred
& fifty-nine dollars a night & we only used the floor
I will have bled both of us dry by this point, fed
our hearts to bigger hearts, wrote You are so blamed
in your buttoned dress
on the inside of your spine.
On TV Joel Osteen wants us to be richer, bleach the fuck
out of our teeth, pray for everyone with wives who think.
God bless an empty eternity, the foreshadowing of senility.
I have never titled a poem “Things God Told Me”
because I’ve never seen a bush burn but not burn down.
I haven’t seen Amistad but I hear it’s sad.
I’ve seen Schinlder’s List but that’s more olive.
I am only moderately attractive while drying my hands
with a dirty dishtowel. Being in Heaven is robbing
a pharmacy every Monday morning & never getting caught.
& on the fourteenth day God made girls smell even
when they’re naked. He taught me how to turn them on.
It was the repeating effect that stuck.
Outside always felt like happy clouds, iced coffee
in a glass that never knew how to sweat.
Always, I keep her so blamed in her buttoned dress.
& God said miles were good. He was losing Himself.
This is somewhere in Exodus, the third chapter,
right after He goes Small pox, I’m glad you cleared that up,
but before He says That night you’re thinking about,
you’re welcome
. Never try to cut a baby in half.
Seriously, Solomon was just fucking around.
& gay people, they’re pretty much okay.
Somewhere in Proverbs: Running water doesn’t care
about sodomy
. Somewhere in love, a boy penguin
flippers another boy penguin.
Leviticus is all just begat begat begat begat begat begat
with a bunch of names impossible to pronounce
shoved in between. Just skip that one, okay?
There are four books in the Bible where the same shit
happens. Just skip those too, okay?