The Strong Center of Abstraction

by: Daniel Hedges

In states of semantic overdrive, visages of abstracted freedom cross
in the night, heretically. At the summit of neo-aesthetics and visual fields,
hopeful mind-states ascend according to debunked laws of physics and
alpha-ruminations. At this time, life ceases to seem linear or any other way,
and new clichés of Nirvana appear, where and whereby whales exude requiems for
echoes of anything and everything righteous. Verb tense change. For the promises
made and kept, silently across bodies of space, strength manifested
in versions of cliché bravery and kindness, so as to outlast all sinister schemes
made by the power-mongers. As an inverted pattern of reverse migration, home was
never a point of departure or a place to return to in time. It was just the strong
center of all abstraction, where and whereby the falconers haunted the going forth
to new rituals of orange. The beauty of all before us had never been in doubt, or
in the past tense. It had only been frustrated and made tired by clichés and by all the
lonely strangers, longing for (it). While time made an ass of us all, we continued to
strive, masquerading as diviners of anything that resembled sanity. And so it is
that we came to know everything about nothing, and nothing about…and so on.