by: Mark Brenden

Tammy i’m broken tammy you’re winning tammy look how i use your name i can’t hit shift tammy the system is shot have you appeared at my window tammy no it’s a bird there should be a comma here tammy i’m a writer look no periods of the womanly word here tammy you be a comma look tammy you’re doing it what have you made of your dear obliging suitor tammy oh god now you are a question mark appear now at my window i don’t wish to make you into an exclamation point i can’t even give you a back story Tammy I think of you now in my underwear and your underwear t t T T aammy I’m Brando come to me now they say I look good in my new glasses i cut my hair and go to offices in the morning tammy i’m gainfully employed but i can’t find the wright keys i have all the ingredients come back to me i will cook you a dinner tammy your hips sway in my mind like gym parachutes I Could Compare You To Fruit And Flowers look just I’ve found the Shift Key your image creeps into my spaces and this word and the next have less than six degrees of separation from your parachute hips tammy look i’m better I Have Superior Capitalization Skills you do it to me look at you immortalize my well being witness my despair i use the word witness come see my stomach drooping and i talk to the mirror oh tammy at the carnival or tammy the soft i have replaced you with the word your name has become an onomatopoeia for the soft expanding of a woman’s torso tammy o ttammmy stream of consciousness could turn mother to madwoman tammy the gales of your eyelids are flooding my backyard is that a light tammy what is your magic the leaves are crunching round my bedside tammy intruder! punctuation! the clouds have broken! the i ching was right! the uprising is complete! make the period now! ah tammy you’ve trapped me again! look at the bloody remnants of my spaghetti bowl the broccoli sprouts were warriors of life before the poison of my saliva turned them to kleenex-ridden puddles of sperm o tammy must you force the words from my throat with butter knives tammy you beautiful cruel demon tammy your mirage leads me to my morning shower tammy you’ve deserted my libido and left it hanging like a dried raisin the last orgasm i achieved was sinking my key into the struggling lock tammy i can’t even smoke the last fumes are breathing out i shall not die like this on the cliffs of my post-adolescence tammy at my service tammy you’re needed Tammy your walks around the park are dizzying my long last hokey pokey of solitude.