Preface to Shedding

by: J. Fossenbell

The worst thing girl-thing can do. Withhold her. Then wash out all the little hims in brownbath. Girl peacock has tail so long and proud of don’t touch. So many many eyes she opens when she squawks. Every kitten she loves will come still, licked clean, cooling. Every chick will squirn and drive her beaktooth hurt just to get open. Make hole sounds. She will shed herself all the way down into her boots. She will cry from all the little squeeze pain she will love so. Wash the bedspread on a Sunday morn. She will want more sugar, more meat in her squall of mouth. When the time comes, she will devour. Scream like baboon girl at war, but grow so tender. Beautiful ass in th eair, beautiful rot-red petals. Roseheads, eggheads, pavé design in a box. She will trust herself so little. Till she empties.