Plutonian Nyborg

by: Coop Lee

rough raggedy punches
to my smooth somewhat sexy face
that fucker
that face fucker

my loverboy sway breaks
by fire cold motion all at once
in that;
that strange messy darkness
that phantasmagorian light:
city skymorphic

she was stuck in my mind
and all i could do was spit teeth

under luminesce
under bloody clump of bathroom
i rebirth
i frost my nostrils with plutonian nyborg
and dance like nasty
dance like sasquatchy
dance along the curb eating tangerine, and yeah
it might mean nothing
but i love:


later moments:
i ease my thoughts along chrometipped strawberries
girls with rollerkicks
royale with cheese
seering its electric to my tongue

the stars rust as my drip drip
does as he does
night thick
beachy wet
the other she licks at my bloody
the other she licks at my molten

wastelust, thus i am.
some die in love.