by: Jared Joseph

Hi are you again
gallanting psycho

tropic drugs of De Forest
Wisconsin to the youthly bracket?

many sev’ral
moons away

the party

stank sulphrously.
eggily it bloomed

basements beneath
the cellar sepulchers

the DJ from Haiti’s
a limp in the closet

the threat of the morrow
crocheting your elbow

into the tables’ manic wood
marry though thou used to be

nearly to me.
Bacchus blocks us

so nearly near to
me you

were. Jeez

zeus: into gubernatorial
sensitive waters i’ve paid

with my life can i
take your hands & dance axes?

me & the lyre i invented
won’t look back so don’t timber

me i’m still a shiner
apple soot & blue

setting the house of cards
a fire to save her to live in

to forget & beget
to have one on me

And legend has it

have one on me
& this one & this one &
have one on me
& this too & this too &

lusterly he put it in her