One Minute Friends

by: Yael Villafranca

after Days of Being Wild (d. Wong Kar-wai, 1990)

The people of this planet all have daughters to run away from. When you think a honey could be yours, you’ll roll over, batter yourself in sand. / I mistake your gloves as a signal I break into your story you try not to snarl at me before the luminous boyfriends. / He called me a mouthy gash / but I loved that bed so much I became it. / A redfaced lamp, a knight of satin electronics: you could not take pride in me. I’m like this all the time. / It’s so easy to fall for a new avenue when you brain the girl who lives there. She clutches my hair at the roots / propelling new blood in circles // As a ghost of a thing, I could eat all I wanted and never be full, never be on time. / It’s our skin. Not all of us wake up. // You can adopt a swing to your vowels, talk their talk. You do. I did as a joke then I did for real. / This is not to prove I can keep going without you. / I don’t want a prince, I want a man. I don’t want a prince, I want a woman. What if I identify with the prince, I said, and you laughed. How can that be?