New World Nomenclature

by: Daniel Hedges

Today we see as we understand, the elbow patches of medium orchid corduroy, sewn to the elbows of the Universe—and neo-cliché hipters (who meditate on thistle) drag the haunting tense, through planes of Cadmium Scarlett. All this New World nomenclature, is miniature—by scale. (Dust) held against greater epochs, where spirits go, or disappear—less parochially. Now we’re lampooning a 50s sensibility, at Powell’s know tying retreat to a new ritual of orange; and all the time, where is Tecumseh? While you see yourself, seeing yourself, in planes of dark magenta, we see and understand that—the elbow patches were put there and gilded by Espressos (and to assist in the reconcile between perennial semantics and urgent metaphor)