Nava to Nectareo

by: Sean Beld

A plain or a level piece of ground. Clasp-knife. Folding-knife. Tusk of a wild boar. A thrust or gash with a knife. A shaving towel. Razor. Pool. A level piece of ground. A kind of poniard in the form of a knife. Naval. Armada. Royal navy. Royal fleet. Pool. Ship. A vessel. Nave. The middle part of a church. A small vessel. Seaworthiness. Navigation. Navigator. Sailor. Seaman. Vessel for incense in a church. Small drawer. Applied to the middle bone of the foot before the heel. A small vessel. Nativity. Christmas. Belonging to the time of the Nativity. A ship. A ship, especially a large ship or a ship of war. Ship of the line. Dispatch boat. Merchant ship. Guardship. Poet. Naiad. Water-nymph. Nazarene. Native of Nazareth. Nazarite. Lesser. Falcon. Mist. Small rain. Juniper. Nebulosity. Misty. Cloudy. Nebulous. To talk nonsense. To play the fool. Gross ignorance. Stupidity. Idiocy. Privy. Water-closet. Necessarily. Indespensibly. Necessary. Requisite. Needful. Necessity. Need. Want. Evacuation of the body by stool or water. Compelled. Necessitated. Necessitous. Poor. Needy. Poor man. To necessitate. To want. To need. To lack. Ignorantly. Stupidly. Ignorant. Stupid. Imprudent. Injudicious. Necrography. Necrology. Mortuary. Necromancy magic. The black art. Necropolis. Post-mortem examination. Nectar. Nectarial. Nectarian.