Mermaid Theory

by: Amira Madonna Masri

perfection lies pollute minds
dietary slip eats up insides
skip meals
trip heels
hike up that skirt
they’ll kneel
they’ll kneel
know your queen
she’s the fem-enemy
who makes a beeline
for the best of me
tear it up
looking down
her royal highness
airbrushed, but hush
it’s too much
beauty unmatched
she hatched
from the ocean
she could be your friend
for a price
’cause she can turn an army
to mice
coyly unmanned
aloof and unplanned
her manicured hand fans
the fires that she
lit when the powers that be
questioned her sincerity
approach, but step warily
coming too near will doom you to roam
the outskirts of her Eden alone
she can smell the fear under your cologne
you don’t trust, but you must
you only doubt ’cause you lust
grain by grain, time slips
through hourglass hips
and every grin on her lips
cracks like a whip
slave to her, who craves to lure
sailors off-ship
engulfed by the tide, eyes glide
over porcelain skin
the same bait
that drove Adam to sin
the price of her prowess
shown by the emotional mess
of a drunken master:
her heart is a natural disaster.