Love Makes a Monster

by: Terrell Jamal Terry

Be delighted by this blaze.
While today had a touch
of yellow gladness, there
was much shallower gloom.
Day plucked from night
breathed all over these
stuttering seconds, and
those sparks circled inside
the skull of an hour’s ring.
The skins side of a mask
hid the contents that trickle
curves of new contracts:
complex strategies, duties
that keep our many days
from caving in. It is never
enough to take you out to
big cities, balancing these
nervous whistles with my
dry tongue. And I know not
to mistake your lovely face
for a resting place that holds
a man’s desire. At home,
I collected standing stacks
of slim handsome books
and learned to cook for one.
But love, you must believe
I never planned this fire.