Lot’s Wife

by: William Lindberg

Lucinda ponders on the number sixteen as she turns to look one last time at her home. Up ahead her husband, household staff, in-laws, cousins, and a band of sixteen children disappeared behind a craggy bluff.

A watery weepy sensation creeps over her as the frontal wave of a vibratory tone, rings out from the well at the bottom of the valley. She clutches at her ears trying to stop the din as a dim realization filters through the sedimentary layers of her mind. As the breakers envelop her, all thoughts of the now manifest as a clutching boiling ball of panic behind her breastbone. Her astral body becomes engaged, hyper stimulated, and shifts into an alternative realm of being.

There are seven kinds of deadly fat at Sodom and Gomorrah. None of which have anything to do with the actions of her people. The seven degrees of separation from the source of divinity was the reason for the judgment against her people from the Ruling Planet of the Pleiadian star system. An
hour prior, a princess from the seventh moon-star warned her and her husband to get out now and
never look back.

Number sixteen is a sacred number. She sees it from her astral body in every tree, rock, flea, and cloud. Number sixteen is the meaning of justice. Number sixteen is the sign on the moon. Number sixteen is the swirl of hair on the tail of a cotton bunny playing tag with dragonflies in a deserted field.

A light ripples forth from the two cities as a hovering log shaped thing camouflages itself into an angry rumbling thunderhead. A light silences the screams of the breathing as they realize the intensity of the blast. The souls of that many people crossing over suddenly are confused. They whip on past her at the velocity of lightning.

“What is the meaning of justice?” a childlike silvery blob says. “There are seven kinds of fat,” another tones into her mind, “the ruling sign of the planet is the number sixteen…” Lucinda looks back at her contorting body as the element of human destruction seizes all the moisture from her cells transforming her into a pillar of salt.