It’s Useless Now

by: Leif Haven

The future happened yesterday,
I sat and thought about the new myths
As proposed by Sir Mixalot.
I thought, “I don’t have any clothes.”
I thought, “I don’t have a Volvo.”
I sat at the kitchen table and watched
the little tufts of citrus musk puff huskily
into the dusk as the caracara shed its tawny
peel, revealing the drabbest meat of all.
The lemons pose no threat to the wild caracara.
I too pose no threat to the pink flesh.
My brain is empty of poetry and I don’t care.
My brain is full of empty poetry and I don’t care.
I look out side I see the rain and the sun at the same time.
I look through the window and the whole bitter charade collapses.
I say, “Come inside with that camera.
It’s useless now.”
You turn around and say, “Come inside with that camera,
It’s useless now.”