It’s Been So Long I’m Forgetting People

by: Gregory Sherl

God’s always having us touch our own rib,
then trying to make us ashamed for it.
I keep the forgotten pretty in my mind.
If they ever knew my cock, I keep them gorgeous
up there. I keep them hydrated.
My fear stays unknown inside me.
Still, I think of you in a 3 AM kind of way.
I am think of you knuckles deep.
I am think of you thinking: a car not turned
on, my cat drinking water. His name is Rivers
so when he drinks water, I pretend
he’s drinking himself. I feel faulty.
A song goes Country restroom on the radio
& goddamn, when did the night leave?
I didn’t even notice the morning stop by.
My poems are full of pretty girls I’ll never fuck.
Still, I believe in stoplights & amusement parks.
I believe in pajamas. I believe we all fell out of trees
& then slithered into the water before we climbed
out of the water & cut the trees down.
I just want people to smile at my face in mirrors
I have never stood in front of.