Grammarian Sticklers

by: Daniel Hedges

to life’s highest questions we’re ‘guesslers’, though we delight in the rapture associated with
‘trying’. the neo-cliché hipsters sew their cliché elbow patches to the universe, all day long, with a seventies academic-aesthetic -stance.

these keeners stand at the ‘butt-crack’ of dawn – - – and muse on various or assorted structures of (hilarity). so, if you can’t handle the agrammatical noise – - – well – - – looks like its time to unsquare the ego (just a little bit). grammarian sticklers are foremostly a nuisance – - – o.k.? we’re all haunted by very intense abstract conundrums, so if capitalization gets you down – - – you’re missing (the point) (period)