Fits Like a Glove the Vision of Evil Bad

by: Jared Joseph

I mean the death drive that lurks
Malibu all over
Puts in full sway the palms of love.

Let us query one more text about the sea
It’s borderline as smart
As rain yesterday tomorrow sarsen.

The whales pray to Dionysus
Sarsen on her face was so good
So sorry

The orgy at the party was so Dionysian
The people still waving goodbye, goodbye
& Lorelei at the window
At the window full of light

When a face becomes a whale song sarsen
It’s good to be blind.
It looks good to be blind
With a collie goading the way
& nothing wincing.
I mean the death drives in a PT Cruiser

The lovers in an outside-Paris suburb
just outside Paris in the promenade
it is so much juster outside Paris
Stump one another in the car

Who planted olive branches on her stumps
With duct tape on the blood in the Century
Seven or something maybe just outside Par
is as rain yesterday tomorrow severs ices se

vers lovers
Divers lovers
Fucked 300 people
The crotch carts 300 people
Pull from my hand the ocean coffin
Lorelei’s rot a whale bloats tonight the window sarsen

Hair’s son
Let down your trusses.
A golden shower of ducats
Let down your dead.
Let us query one more text about the sea
I mean the death drive that jerks
Piss out your dead.
Bring out your piss out your dead.