Fem Tex(t): Pop Quiz

by: J. Fossenbell

Part I. Read the following passages and select (encircle, mark out, claim, capture) the most appropriate word to fill in the blank:

1. Secure Withdraw Cord is sewn the full length of ________________ pad.
a. landing
b. bachelor
c. legal

2. Sure Grip ______________ has been specially designed with finger grips to provide exceptional control.
a. Missle
b. Needle
c. Lipstick

3. Individually Wrapped to keep _____________ clean and protected.
a. scalpel
b. warhead
c. alibi
d. icon

4. Uses industry-wide standardized _______________, indicated by the ____________ range.
a. montages; shooting
b. appetites; methamphetamine
c. hot-pants; soft-core

5. Since the risk of ______________ increases you should use the lowest _______________ needed to control your _______________
a. exposure; aperture; utter humiliation
b. retaliation; visibility; exposure
c. propagation; exposure; reputation
d. unintentional murder; font size; spiritual involvement

6. We Put ____________ of ______________ First® is a registered trademark of First ______________ Enterprises, Inc. and is used under _________________
a. Quantity; Life; Blunder; extreme duress
b. Fabulousness; Your Ass; Pants; strobe light
c. Accuracy; Penetration; Abortion; force

7. 100% ______________ or your ______________ back!
a. hot shit; dignity
b. retribution; faith in all that is holy
c. occupation; hairy
d. gutted; prom disaster

Part II. Fill in the blanks (holes, lacking places, vessels of emptiness) with the best (strongest, most accurate, most established, most logical) responses (backtalk, reactions, emissions, revolutions).


2. Talismans can be used comfortably and with confidence.

3. The arbitrary tool, which consists of a barrel (outer tube)

4. containing an electronic device, and a plunger (inner tube),

5. has been designed for easy swallowing and proper

6. depth.

1. Before you begin, wash your flowers.

2. Choose a position for comfortable enlightenment.

3. (Stand, placing one foot on the hot mess

4. or sit on the mountain with your lips apart.)

5. Appeal now and take your due.