Dry Tortuga, 1869

by: Coop Lee

shapeshifter, son drunk
& changing skins.
he digs up skeletons of a spanish battalion
by tigers on the garden key.

spray of blood & oranges.
new-fangled sailors once soaked
in madness.
now starvation.

the viking speaks:
limericks of new world poise.
his antler woven mask,
set nicely upon the shore.

seod, turtle lord
of space & time, appears once
every lunar eclipse, bound
by treatise to the jellyfish triumvirate.
his shepherd,
bolivar t. shagnasty, wanders
the mainland in search of water
or meat of trees.

of men turns to dust & belly worms.
forgotten, the plants mutate
into root-rich empires
of fish & figurine.
million year armistice.

dr. samuel mudd,
shackled years to tide-slab &
fort jefferson. he
purifies the island of its yellow
shivering death.
hospital key.

fast forward hundred plus
through mudd lifeline:
battle weary sneakers,
spokes sung by strum of card, the bmx
stridden boy & his

teenage mutant ninja turtle mask.