by: Barrett White

A body falls out from the sky
its arms are boneless, squiggling
its eyes are snow globes
it’s wearing a tie and is foaming at the mouth
it bounces on the ground a few times
and then a hole opens up below it and it falls in
and the hole closes
A knot of snakes floats across the sky
slowly and in one direction
perpendicular with the horizon
A jack-in the box slinks inside a ravine
back and forth, trying to get out
it is covered in flies and bees
surrounding the ravine are thorn bushes
decorated with bells the shape of baby faces
that clang in the occasional breeze
A chainsaw with eagle wings
flies directly into
a white bust falling out from the sky
the raining marble cubes
land perfectly in the mouth
of a sleeping kelly ripa
A giant knotted ball of neckties
and the neon sign next to it: