by: Jared Joseph

The first fuck is the deepest
The first fuck is the best fuck
The hole room breaks & falls
the objects break away and fall
fall away always
the hot horsehair moons

All the animals die & become
Animals make sense this time
We all become senses
The room leaks demiserebirth
Perhaps a plumber’s in order

The next day we order a plumber.
Expedited delivery is leaking
There are dove hairs everywhere
It is miserable
Or it is pigeon hairs & ocean oil
I put olive oil in it after the first
Fuck the deepest forever
Reminds of times I don’t remember

The way the man distracts me stares
A remembered object fucks me
While we are out of it
out of myself & into the other
The first fuck impulses
Imply a concentration
Heigh ho! Voila!
Your name yells into the bed

I remember into the bed
The first fuck brands
You like a cow
I forget
You are really quite a woman

You slashed victory over my head why didn’t you tell me
Yell into the bed
Your name cells into the bed
We leave the bed outside the coffin awhile
We fuck & the final burial is
A coughing fit of blacks
Sudden blank butterflies
Dig the whole thing the coffin
Bedpan for the living but the dead pain
Bed is for living

Final budding pleasure place
What’s your number again
I mean the tattoo in the place
To mark you I mean the tattoo
Rhymes with armed against the demons
In the tampon the Aurora Borealis

Love is Real