Between the Door and Me

by: Jason Joyce

You wouldn’t believe it here

Hi, welcome to Subway

Hi, welcome to Subway

Hi, welcome to Subway Hi, welcome to Subway

mynah birds consumed by their artistry, none of them look up

Yesterday working in the village, the guerrillas attacked and this house burst apart right in front of

I’ll have a foot long turkey on flatbread, toasted

Provolone, please

[This is something that should be read at home]

But we’re all okay thankfully. I feel that any doubt I had can be validated by our
No, I’ll have lettuce, onions, Southwest sauce, honey mustard and

More medicine is coming soon. They have to drop the supplies at night so that

[Most likely, I’ll read his next email while driving or sitting in the bathroom]

the military escort man looked at me and said, Don’t fuckin’ move, staying still usually keeps you alive longer

[My forthcoming reply:

I can’t even imagine what it’s like there. I’m glad more supplies are on the way.
That has to be a relief. I miss you so much! Things here are the same as usual lol.
I promise to write you a longer letter soon.]

And some salt and pepper please.

Salt and pepper. Yeah, just some salt and pepper and that’s it.

I’ll make it a combo with cookies instead of chips. Chocolate chip. Just a small.

[What I do not say:
I noticed how when you stayed over, you slept between the door and me. And the one time you helped me with laundry, you handled even my rattiest bras like they were expensive maps. If nothing else, I want to thank you for that.

And to the military escort man, I’d probably tell him that at a certain point you forget the ache, the stiffness of being still.]

Friends in this town are settling

down, I’m in

a bad way to do the same