Beginner Ghosts

by: Jason Joyce

Confetti cannon

candy    s  p  r    a    y  !        !!!

or treaters
hit by an errant driver

I shiver

beginner ghosts
going firecracker deaf

jackrabbit jumpy at the kitchen table,
divorced parents,
fourth and one, it’s a handoff
which twin is which, I can’t tell the difference anymore

Someone pulled the fire alarm
during gym class in the cafeteria,
later someone cut the phone lines,
then toilet paper took over the trees

The duchess has been kidnapped!
you’re little like a prince,
But the motif has
been ruined!
one of your friends came dressed as
a Harlem Globetrotter

busy as a beekeeper
making excuses why you smoke like
a miner

In search of a weekend tradition unlike
your father’s sitting on the porch making
sure no one steals the trash cans—
I don’t think he ever took
up racquetball…

we wait for it, we wait
we’re far too young to have become this