by: Andrew Marzoni

Wheat cow tomato pig, Italian cows in anchovy gardens.
“If the anomalous is neither an individual nor a species, then what is it?”
Becoming-wolf, becoming-rabbit, becoming-pizza.
Alexander was a man who never existed, at least not qua man:
The pizza Jesus of Orange Avenue,
An invention of language.
His avatars were many, though––
Horizontal outlaws.
Rapists (statutory and otherwise); blonde bearded managers
Turned hairless murderers, requiring spectacles;
Ukrainian teenagers, equally high on domestic violence and America;
Younger sisters, their beautiful friends;
An ecstasy addict in an Indian headdress.
Surfers, surfers, surfers, drunk, drunk, drunk.
Becoming-pizza: New York. Unbecoming pizza: Chicago, New Jersey,
Minneapolis, Great Britain, Saint Louis, grade school cafeterias, Tijuana
Pizza Hut, Japan (so they say), Antarctica (no ovens),
Outer space (their mushrooms are malevolent).
Fabio, Fabio: where to begin?
Becoming-pizza Becoming-marijuana.
Brazilian, not Italian; heavy metal reggae, Mustang convertible.
Afternoon ride-along, joint sparked, ticket reads “Naval housing.”
Becoming-pizza Becoming-marijuana Becoming-fucking-terrified.
Patriotic golem answers door all suspicious-like.
Medium pie, clay soldier tips fifteen-percent, exatamente.
Deus quer; o Homem sonha; a obra nasce,” Fabio spits,
Becoming-tobacco, becoming-handheld-electronic-communications.
Being versus Becoming.
Being-pizza: The Noid, also a becoming-rabbit.
Being-pizza: Chuck E. Cheese, also a becoming-mouse.
Being-pizza: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael (becoming-turtle).
Being-pizza: Herman Cain (becoming-Republican, becoming-elephant).
Anthropomorphic zoomorphs: where have all the pizza boys gone?
Who will bake the Great American Pizza?
Who will write the Great American Pizza Novel?
Who will direct the Citizen Kane of the cinéma-pizza?
There once was a man who ordered a party-size pizza for himself
And couldn’t fit it through the door of his apartment building.
So he ate it alone on the front porch.
That man was I.