Apoplexy of the Stars

by: Chris Moran

yes in this
black dimension I radiate
DNA in the silver way
a matrix of sword
and sound dissolved in decay
in the underworld the lion-headed man
stalked me, magnetized to my fear
siphoning the dream-stream into darker dimensions
yet Bhairava has set a flame in my heart
magnetized to the density of decay––
hybrid stars of alien salt and ether
blackening the cloud
to communicate
an echo
planetary essence
swords fell into the density
of elemental spheres
telluric acid in the vile sky
hardened air sculpted
into images
spirit wave annihilate
the ulterior intelligence––
lord of the seven spheres
I enhance that oracle zone
into the night zone
spirit eclipse
sigil to the stars––the black dimensions
I call home
no source of space
clouds that violate salt embers vibrating
brandishing the echo
of a dream
the circulatory matrix
being a digital fabrication
nerve net apostle
from where the shadowy night gods
transmit spooky wave tones
dimensions of silt, sand and rain stone
the sleep of Chaldea shall rain
like the ritual dream spheres of nuclear geometry
relegating the shapes of sound
apparitions of liquid light
voided dimensions bloom in angry sand
thrust into the black wind of death’s feeble dream
mind of the boundless spheres
death dreams of shapes
of sound
of apparitions
of liquid light
blooming into death’s ultimate vortices––
the sleep of Chaldea shall rain no more