America I Cannot Believe

by: Russell Jaffe

Attention users with rape fantasies:
If it’s legitimate rape according to the far-Right hand face slap obelisk body lexicon you’re all right.
Boys you RNC warlord straw hats and ketchup smell shirtsleeve skin I notch my belt again bedside walking stick my pillar post. TV scared the air into crying on the couch waterless tears. Why things cray? ask the trying to be funny while just keeping going on. Old boys go and wither the dry season into woven and spun election mania USA #1. Hashtag empty chair. Hashtag dry irrigation canals.
Hashtag all mine. Hashtag god wants.
Far right I am body sick so I count my political totem faces in used-to-bes and dishes in the sink. I don’t want to be scared of running out of money so I spent all my money. My candidate’s pin pierces only my flesh.
Collective consciousness tollway unseasonable etcetera at least we made the world a better place for a few people.
Drive the American drink and you’ll see the scared cages of people. Never met them. Just scared of them. Ecosystem you just freak us out being you.
Just so scared of sinking drowning you don’t realize you’ve been breathing all along.

I guess my life has kinda been falling apart.
I’ve been eating people.
Duodenum where you at?
Esophageal night train drips me a new stomach.
I’m just a fat labyrinth in swallows is all.
White monster blood cells I
been drinking. O my peeling stomach.
Am I the carrion of this bright new disease?
Bitch please. O lover
help me.
I am a vegetarian who loves
watching shows about big beef
pig out spots USA #1. Night says so certainly drunkenly swooningly.
I love fat blood.
I identify only with the slots between the fork tines.
Only with beard trimming plane crash debris in your fleshy desert.
Only to love America with pit brimstone fury as it punches me unconscious and pulls my teeth so that
I might not again bite
to let the blood.