A Whale Brain Weighs 19 Pounds, An Octopus Brain is Beyond You

by: Getty Carver

I am a ball of quivers
crashing through my mother’s gore
and slathered in footsteps.
I am a bag of earthquakes
screaming inside of cells
built out of wrinkles.
my wallpapering
is painted with needles
and speckled with nausea,
peeling at the eyes
where the war is in flames. spoken in flames.
the Everything Void
swirls before me.
I can’t breathe when I’m swallowed forever
by its unending gullet.
I am floating,
osmosis ringing in my ears;
the stars seep into my bloodstream
and I can taste the distilled liquid of unused
(it is chilly, barely elegant, and fills me with
my circuits sputter,
and the night is coated in acorns
as I dance and stumble
into chains.
I want to kiss the blue pavement.
and once
I was born out of focus