Issue 07: HOMME


Table of Contents

The Rationality of Your Duty – or – What You Think Your Fathers Wanted by Eric Lloyd Blix
Spearfish Canyon by Mark Brenden
Always Singular, Never Alone by Eric L. Cummings
3. by Jon Dambacher
Jerk· Searching the Wreckage by Joseph Farley
Argentina Days After Paul Bowles· Short Talk on Booksellers by Moneta Goldsmith
Keen· Wooden Lady· Seeding 1.· Seeding 2.· The Bounding Main of Your Mind by Lauren Gordon
Dad Capsule by Peter Milne Greiner
The Occupation by Terence Kuch
Bottled by Diane Lefer
From the Cretaceous by Rupprecht Mayer
Peeper’s Sorority· Four Nocturnes· Bang Scanner· Exploded Awake· Worldwide Enema· Saying Djinn· Molecular Welt· Stump Flap by RC Miller & Gary Shipley
A Glacial Age by MF Nagel
Aphorisms by Scott F. Parker
King Kong· Jesus is a Faggot and I Invented Tupperware by Ratty St. John
The Temporality of Rhetoric by Dennis James Sweeney
The Doctor’s Urn· Love Makes a Monster by Terrell Jamal Terry
Universefucker by CJ Waterman
A Temple Your Father Found by Zack Woodard
Man Can(not) Be by Sennah Yee
The Summoning by Robb Steinpreis
If re-reading Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira During a Storm by John Beck

Homme Columns

You Should Watch Buck Angel Fuck by Diego Baez
Call Me Lee by Shane Roeschlein
No Place Like HOMME by Naomi Riddle
The Man Behind the Woman by Peter Boyle
The Truth by Alex Vallejo
Venus Inscribed - on Colonizing (Anti-)Spaces by Alex Cruse